Video Game Character Voices

Containment 2 (Pre-Production) Radio Command Game Glow Studio (2015)
Space Station Spiders (Pre-Production) Astronaut/Mission Control Game Glow Studio (2015)
Silent Island (Pre-Production) Various Voices Game Glow Studio (2014)
Blood Horde (Pre-Production) Scientist Game Glow Studio (2013)
Containment Dispatcher Game Glow Studio (2012)


Ted 2 Comic-Con Patron Universal Pictures (2015)
Accidental Guilt (Pre-Production) Laura Mountain Sky Pictures (2014)
Crystal Ball Madam Crystal Westmoreland Films (2013)
6ixth Street Media
Boom Girl Documentary Project Interviewee/Self Boom Girl, LLC (2012)
End Prophecy (Post-Production) Haley Fire Philosophy Films (2012)


Tabatha Takes Over Herself – Patron Bravo (2013)
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Townswoman CBS (1995)


Let My People Go Pharoah’s Wife Calvary Chapel Bible College, Twin Peaks, CA (1989)
The Garden of Eden Serpent Calvary Chapel Bible College, Twin Peaks, CA (1988)
The Miracle Worker Blind Friend (Speaking Part) Community Theater (1984)


HostArmor Live Actress (2010)
Independent Music Revolution Live Actress MTV & VH1 (2007)


Game Glow Studio Lead Voiceover (2011-2014)
BaseKit Tutorial Narrator (2012)
Intro Video Commercial Voiceover (2010)
Independent Music Revolution 16 Voiceover Commercials MTV & VH1 (2007)
Parenting Tip Spots Main Voiceover KNEC 100.9 FM (2003)


I have done modeling for professional and amateur photographers as well as for stock photos for various Internet sites. (1985-Current)
I also did modeling for a band’s (Dephinger) CD cover. (2005)
I modeled for a hairstyle magazine. (1983)


Sherwood University – United Kingdom, B.A. – Business Administration (2004)
Calvary Chapel Bible College – Twin Peaks CA – Associate of Theology (1989)


Drama and Voice classes – San Marcos, CA – Palomar College (1985)
Acting, Singing, and Dance classes – Redondo Beach, CA. (1978)

Special Skills and Interests

Automobile (Manual and Automatic), Jet-Ski, Para-Sailing, Precision Driving, Voice-Overs, Cry On Command, Helped to direct, write scripts, and design costumes for various church and college plays, public speaker and lecturer at various Women’s Retreats, Ordained Minister, Certified Nursing Assistant, Personal Trainer, Medical Exercise Therapist, Valid US Passport, can look and sound exactly like Mae West, can do single- and double-handed rifle twirling.

Personal Features

Height: 5’2″
Weight: 140 lbs
Size: Medium (8-10)
Shoe: Size 7 Women’s
Measurements: 36-28-38